Texas Jurisdictions Permitting Tracking Summary
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We receive many calls from Contractors, Project Owners and Architects from across the country. Many are frustrated with their plans being stuck in permitting with no glimmer of hope that their permit will be issued any time soon. Some of these calls reveal tough designs that require changes to meet building codes and from reviewing the jurisdiction’s rejection comments, some of the callers’ problems were preventable on the frontend before submitting.

To help you mitigate reasons for rejections and to collapse the time it takes you to pull your construction permit, below are 21 ways to avoid delays in permitting in the new year.

  • 1. Make sure all Engineering plans are signed and sealed.
  • 2. Confirm all Architectural plans are signed and stamped legibly.
  • 3. Properly upload files and documents to the correct folders during electronic submission.
  • 4. Close out any old permits associated with work already completed.
  • 5. Alert Contractors to demo only and to refrain from going way beyond what is considered demo work.
  • 6. Use correct IEC on plans as recognized by jurisdiction.
  • 7. Provide load analysis with Electrical plans even single line diagrams.
  • 8. Deliver correct number of hard copies along with thumb drive to comply with jurisdiction submittal requirements.
  • 9. Properly respond to all rejection comments. To not respond causes an automatic delay.

Punt delays in permitting

  • 10. Pay plan review fees, water waste water fees, etc.
  • 11. Include and deliver correct survey in submittal.
  • 12. Refrain from making assumptions on jurisdiction’s zoning ordinances and building codes.
  • 13. Provide required calculations supporting engineering plans i.e. structural.
  • 14. Clear any red tag violations on project site related to prior project work.
  • 15. Use jurisdiction checklist to confirm all required documents are submitted.
  • 16. Correctly name files for online submission.
  • 17. Provide correct sized hard copies per jurisdiction’s requirements.
  • 18. Take notes when conferring with Plan Reviewer and clearly communicate your area of concern.
  • 19. Avoid yelling at and disrespecting Plan Reviewer.
  • 20. Submit response sheet or narrative sheet addressing jurisdictions rejection comments.
  • 21. Close out project site trade permits on all prior completed work.

In Conclusion

The above list reflects a sampling of what we hear from persons calling our toll-free line or stopping us at a jurisdiction to request our insight on how to push beyond the blockade to having their building permit. We truly get it! Time is money and your primary goal is starting construction and finishing based on your schedule. Obtaining building permits successfully, again and again, allows you to retain customers, bring on new projects plus grow your business. Look at the list of 21 ways to avoid delays again and if you have any tips to add, I love to hear them. You can reach me via Linkedin and other socials or simply call 1.844.PERMIT.4.

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