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When is the absolute best time to pull a building permit? Yes, before the City Inspector shows up is a good answer. The best answer on when to pull your main building permit is before you start a construction. Often new contractors are so happy to have a project and future work ahead, they get carried away with excitement and begin construction without having the proper permits.

From residential to commercial contractors, the PermitUsNow team have received multiple calls recently after the Contractor has found themselves in the throws of construction. Here are snippets from a couple of calls to our 1.844.Permit.4 toll-free line.

Hi, I’m a Contractor working on a residential garage project. I have already demolished one side of the garage requiring repair and wondering if I need a permit to replace this structural wall. Also, do I need a permit to replace the windows on left side of house near garage?

I am a GC and I have ripped out a homeowners ceiling that collapsed from a leaking roof and the owners are wanting their den wall moved so they can have more room for their growing family. What type of permit is required?

Punt delays in permitting

After being in the permitting business for years, I along with my team members have listened to hundreds of stories about Contractors starting work without having a building permit and later realize the hard way the cost of overlooking a key requirement for doing work. The bottom-line is that it is the Contractors responsibility to make sure that proper permits are pulled before starting construction. To begin work without the right permits places the Contractor at risk and inflicts an unwarranted liability on the project owner.

To assist Contractors in starting construction work in compliance with local jurisdiction guidelines and ordinances below are 6 tips to pull a permit prior to any work commencing.

  • Ask for Help Upfront: If the reason for not pulling a building permit is because you are unsure of the process or intimidated or confused or a host of other reasons, then consider contacting a recognized Permit Expediter or reach out to schedule a pre meeting with a Plan Reviewer at the permitting jurisdiction.
  • Check Jurisdiction’s Web Site: Many of the jurisdictions have good information, including checklists, available to assist in determining the right permit to pull based on your scope of work.
  • Prepare Permit Package: Complete permit application in full. While some small projects may not require a set of plans, the jurisdiction will require a description of the scope of work including size and construction cost.
  • Respond to City Comments and RFI’s
  • Pull Sales Order: Pay for building permit and obtain approved stamped plans, depending on if plan review required plans.
  • Post Permit on Job Site: This assures project owner and shows City Inspector of compliance.

In Conclusion

It is great to be excited about having project work, but make sure to be comply with building codes and ordinances before starting construction. At PermitUsNow, we are committed to pulling permits for our Architect, Contractor, and Project Owner clients without delay, eliminating their frustrations with the permitting process. Plus, we make it easy for you to work with us. Simply: 1) Email us your plans, 2) Follow up on our feedback for any missing items, and 3) Let us get your permitting done for you. So, send us your plans today and we’ll free you up to focus on doing what you love – building your customers’ dreams. #BuildSafe

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