Five Ways to Get Your Permit Faster

By Helen Callier

January 15th, 2019


Five Ways to Get Your Permit Faster

Looking to get started with your construction project on time?  The building permitting tips and insights below from Helen Callier, Permit Us Now, Contributing Writer will assist you in positioning for success.

Know the Jurisdiction Stay Notified Avoid Horror Story Start Early Use Smart Resources
Time is Key Bank on Changes Suspense Hurts Procrastination Costs Eliminate Headaches
With hypergrowth in some areas of the U.S. over the last few years like in Portland, North Texas, Austin Hill Country and Los Angeles, it can be confusing to know which jurisdiction your project is located. You do not have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.  Sign up for the appropriate jurisdiction’s email notifications, follow jurisdiction on social media like Twitter and set up Google alerts for keywords. Helpful information is available on jurisdiction web sites from Permitting Checklists and FAQ’s to changes in building codes and explanations about codes to persons you can contact if have more questions. Regardless if your project is large or small, getting started early in planning for your building permit can save time and money.  Depending on the type of project, your own pre-construction checklist should have a building permitting line item.  Permit Expediters are a proven resource and are experts in building codes. They have established relationships with jurisdictions, stay up-to-date on jurisdiction changes and have…

Punt delays in permitting
Know the Jurisdiction Stay Notified Avoid Horror Story Start Early Use Smart Resources
Time is Key Bank on Changes Suspense Hurts Procrastination Costs Eliminate Headaches
If your project is near the border of another jurisdiction it is wise to verify before you proceed down the path to submit for a building permit.  Time is money and a simple phone call or checking the jurisdictions’ web sites can save your most precious asset – time. Doing this allows you to be informed about changes in hours of operations, know if a certain department is out for training or impacted by major staff changes and be alerted on ordinance changes that may truly impact your project. Key information to look for are the prerequisites to accompany permit application and plan set along with how to upload into the electronic system.  These two alone, if missed, can stop your attempt to submit for a building permit and cause rejections. Make sure to at least check jurisdiction web sites for any changes, and if available to you, review plans to see if there are areas of concern. Catching permitting-related issues early before submitting to jurisdiction saves you money and positions you to start construction in a timely manner. … a reservoir of different kinds of projects – commercial, residential, industrial – that they have worked on to be able to share insights and answer any unique questions.  

In Conclusion

When popping in and out of jurisdictions across the state of Texas and other areas in the U.S., Permit Us Now team members often hear contractors complaining about the building permitting process.  The five ways mentioned above are geared to rid you of frustrations and help you pull a building permit faster.  Build Safe.

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