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Did you read the state of construction industry article in the SUBCONTRACTORS USA February 2022 issue? If you did not, you can still find this article online on pages 16 and 17 to read as it relays construction industry stats that can be useful for you to plan, develop and grow your business in 2022 and in the next 5 to 10 years.

What stood out the most to me from this article is by 2030, the global revenue in the construction industry is expected to double. So, that is basically in 7 plus years. And in the US, the size of the market is expected to reach $14.4 trillion in revenue by 2030. This is twice the size of the market in 2020, which was $6.4 trillion in revenue.

2030 is right around the corner and the good news is you can use this data to position your contracting company to take advantage of this future growth opportunity.

Do you have the right technology that will scale to meet market demands? Are you training your future talent or have an apprenticeship program to address continued labor shortages? And don’t forget your building permits. Without processes in your preconstruction phase to pull the proper permits, you will be standing flat-footed in the game and growth may pass your company by.

Punt delays in permitting

To assist, below are 4 building permitting tips to position your company for growth this year and onto 2030.

  • Stay abreast of the latest changes in building codes by attending industry association training
  • Monitor on a regular basis your local jurisdiction’s web site on direction and timing of implementing new ordinances affecting building codes. Also track jurisdiction’s look ahead permit process related projects that are in planning phase.
  • Be cautious of using and solely relying on AI driven tools to complete forms as this technology continues to improve. Also, missing or inputting incorrect information on a permit application will cause delays in permitting.
  • Use building code and permitting experts for insights plus to partner with to save time and money

In Conclusion

The data shown in the State of Construction article indicates opportunities to grow your contracting business. Using this kind of data helps in minimizing risks associated with high material costs and supply chain issues, mitigating labor shortages plus planning related to obtaining building permits where resources like PermitUsNow are ready to assist. At PermitUsNow, we are committed to pulling permits for our Architect, Contractor, and Project Owner clients without delay, eliminating their frustrations with the permitting process. Plus, we make it easy for you to work with us. Simply: 1) Email us your plans, 2) Follow up on our feedback for any missing items, and 3) Let us get your permitting done for you. So, send us your plans today and we’ll free you up to focus on doing what you love – building your customers’ dreams.#BuildSafe

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