Saying Thank you to City Plan Reviewers

Here’s the truth. The PermitUsNow team loves working with jurisdictions across Texas, through-out the US, and in Canada. We look forward to the challenges in meeting building codes and enjoy working with Plan Reviewers, Plan Analysts, Supervisors, and other city staff.

Now, before you shake your head thinking we are crazy; and wonder if we know that City Permitting Centers are a pain to navigate and Plan Reviewers are difficult to work with, know that we have a passion for obtaining building permits; and we consider Plan Reviewers to be our friends in the industry.

It can be tough sometimes at the Permitting Center and saying “thank you” goes a long way in working with City Permitting staff and below are the top 7 ways to do so.

  • I appreciate your guidance on how the City applies abc building code on xyz type project.
  • Thank you for taking my call today. I realize how busy you are with an increased workload.
  • My sincere thanks for expediting this review. It really helped to eliminate further delays and save money for project owner.
  • I am grateful for you approving my project plans today so can start construction on time.
  • Thank you very much for doing xyz.
  • Thank you for all your hard work and working OT to finish this review.
  • Thanks a lot, we could not have gotten this approval without you today.

Punt delays in permitting

It is true that some Plan Reviewers are just doing their job and other Reviewers are overwhelmed with work and unable to respond to you as they like to do. Then there are those Plan Reviewers with a heavy workload that seem to always answer calls, respond to emails, and strive to meet target dates in the new paradigm shaped by the pandemic. Regardless of which bucket the Plan Reviewer reviewing your plans falls in, remember that it is best to treat others as you like to be treated. And saying, “thank you” shows respect and places you in a position to keep your project plans moving through the system.

But Helen, what if the Reviewer is short with me on the phone? Say, “thank you”. What if the Reviewer refuses to answer my call requesting a clarification? Say, “thank you” and then attempt another angle to obtain clarification or escalate. Okay, what about when the Reviewer’s comments are totally off the mark and are flat out wrong? “Say, “I appreciate you reviewing my plans. Are you available to meet on xyz date so I can go over on my project’s scope”?

I think you get the point. Your bottom-line objective is to continue moving towards the goal line to obtain your permit. Words like thanks, thank you, appreciate, and grateful help you pick up yardage on the field and minimize delays in permitting.

In Conclusion

Plan Reviewers, Plan Analysts, Department Supervisors, Fire Marshals and Permit Intake Coordinators are all demanding jobs and the PermitUsNow team appreciates their efforts on building safety, approving plans in a timely manner, working overtime, and releasing permits in the system for payment. When City Permitting staff across the country work together with Permit Expediters, Architects, and Contractors, the communities served thrive with construction activities and new businesses boost the economy. If you know of a Plan Reviewer that has gone above and beyond in delivering exceptional service, please let me know. I welcome hearing their story. Connect with me on Linkedin or call 1.844.PERMIT.4


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