Gulf Coast Hurricane

Living along the Gulf Coast offers the best fishing, beautiful sites to visit and overall, a great quality of life. This lifestyle becomes threatened for many homeowners during the hurricane season; and this is especially the case for our neighbors living in the Bossier, Lake Charles, LA area over the last several years.

From blown off rooftops to trees falling on houses to flood waters, thousands of property owners will see their lives and dreams be tossed into turmoil and revealing again that it is darn near impossible to control nature. While nature wreaks havoc, on your end, you can control your actions, be ready to serve, and be the consummate professional Contractor when helping those that reach out to you to rebuild or make major repairs after their homes are destroyed by a hurricane.

The PermitUsNow team members have witnessed major destruction from hurricanes along the Gulf Coast for years, we understand the demands of the marketplace and have pulled 100’s of building permits for Contractors over the last couple of years alone to reconstruct residential properties.

Punt delays in permitting

Based on our team’s experience and to assist you in this hurricane season along the Gulf Coast – Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida – below are 5 tips in pulling permits and properly closing out projects for your residential customers impacted by a hurricane.

  • Don’t Assume. If you are unsure of the building codes in a particular area, the worst thing you can do is to make assumptions based on prior work or experience. Note that each project is different; and jurisdictions have their own set of codes, amendments, and permit processes.
  • Review with homeowner your contract and show where you will be obtaining the proper permit. Doing so gives your customers assurance and comfort during a very stressful time.
  • Purchase permit, post of job site and provide copy to your customer.
  • Call for inspections, based on the type of construction performed.
  • Provide close-out documents (certificate of compliance, etc.) including for any trade permits pulled to your customer.

In Conclusion

Those who live along the Gulf Coast love doing so and cannot fathom living anywhere else. I know since I grew up and live on the Texas Gulf Coast; and I have rode-out a many of hurricanes over the years. If you find yourself with too many projects to do upfront due diligence and to manage permitting, call us at 1.844.PERMIT.4. At PermitUsNow, we are committed to pulling permits for our Architect, Contractor, and Project Owner clients without delay, eliminating their frustrations with the permitting process. Plus, we make it easy for you to work with us. Simply: 1) Email us your plans, 2) Follow up on our feedback for any missing items, and 3) Let us get your permitting done for you. So, send us your plans today and we’ll free you up to focus on doing what you love – building your customers’ dreams. #BuildSafe

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