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We have heard plenty of stories where building permits were not pulled.  From the project required a revised plan set to the homeowner was expected to pull the permit to our staff was too busy. Regardless of the reason, before any construction starts on an inground pool, all areas in the U.S. will require a residential building permit for installing the inground pool along with trade contractors obtaining their permits, if involved.

So, when a homeowner called our toll-free line and asked if we pull permits when construction has already started on their custom pool, we were taken aback as to why the contractor would endanger their customer’s safety. We then decided to provide tips to assist those contractors having challenges in obtaining permits for pool projects during the busy home remodeling season.

Here’s what every contractor ought to know about pulling residential pool permits.

Are Pool Permits Required? Yes, permits are required by jurisdictions in the U.S. to construct an in-ground pool. Contractors are to pay the permit fee and obtain a pool permit before starting construction. Trade subcontractors, such as electrical, typically pull their permits and are to make sure posted on site. If you have any questions, visit the permitting office where your project is located or review jurisdiction’s web site for more information.

What do I need to submit? Typical documents to apply for a permit include a plot plan, a set back plan, dig specification and most jurisdictions will require sealed engineering drawings to accompany the application for a permit. Some jurisdictions may request more information and you can check the AHJ’s website for a checklist. Also, as an option, you can schedule a time to meet the jurisdiction Plan Reviewer or Inspection to ask questions. Many jurisdiction staff are helpful and welcome the opportunity to answer your inquiries.

Punt delays in permitting

How long does it take to obtain approval for a pool permit? You can obtain a pool permit typically within 3 to 7 days with the completed permit application package with requisite documents are submitted. If not completed within a 7-day time period means that you may be missing some information or have plan review comments to address or the jurisdiction has a backlog.

Can I submit online for permit? Many jurisdictions in the U.S. allow you to submit online for a permit to construct an inground pool allowing you to save time and money. When submitting online, make sure to properly name and upload your files. If not correctly formatted and uploaded, the jurisdiction may automatically reject your permit package.

What if I have questions about the pool design or drainage from storm run-off? We have found that jurisdiction Plan Reviewers and Inspectors are a helpful resource to ask questions, before completing your plans. Also, as an option, Building Permit Expediters are a proven resource as well that can answer your questions. Some Expediting firms specialize in inground pools and can save you time and money plus assist you in starting construction in a timely manner.

In Conclusion

We realize that you may have a backlog of projects and are eager to grow your contracting business. The bottom line is that building permits are required for constructing inground pools and it is the right thing to do for your customers. If you have any questions about obtaining a permit for your residential pool projects, call the PermitUsNow team at 1.844.PERMIT.4.

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