May 16th, 2022

Constructor Helping Customer in Distress

Hi, my name is Don and my Niece, and her husband are waiting to move into their first newly built house. Their contractor packed up and left them a note saying their new house is finished. Code Enforcement stopped by asking questions and left some sort of violation. Caller: “What can they do to move in as their apartment lease is up in a few days? They are a young married couple, and this is their first house.” Sir, does your niece have a formal contract with General Contractor? …


April 29th, 2022

Tracking Construction Plans

It can be challenging for some Contractors to keep their focus on what’s happening with their plans while in Permitting. Getting distracted with day-to-day tasks is one factor. When I was waiting for my favorite tacos to go at a local restaurant, I started watching one of the large screen TV’s near the bar. I saw a video of an old NFL football game and noticed that the wide receiver was just about to catch a pass when he took his eyes off the football to see how close the defensive…


April 23rd, 2022

Former NBA Coach Phil Jackson

For the old basketball heads, sports gurus and superfans of the game, remember after Phil Jackson coached the Chicago Bulls team to 6 NBA championships and everyone said he was crazy to think that he could coach the Los Angeles Lakers to a championship because Michael Jordan was the only reason that he won 6 rings in Chicago. We know the truth and history shows that Phil Jackson went on to coach the LA Lakers to 5 championships. So how did this happen? How was Phil Jackson able to take…


April 22nd, 2022

Earth Day 2022

Mother Earth is abundant, full of life and she has feelings. The conundrum is that humans have been poorly behaved inhabitants on the land, seas, and skies. Greed has played a critical role in causing major destruction of the environment including loss of ecosystems i.e. animals, plants, insects and more. While man has live out of sync and has mistreated Planet Earth for a very long time, Mother Earth is still beautiful and its intelligence with the universe is righting its ship. …


April 14th, 2022

Sincere Gratitude to Jurisdiction Plan Reviewers

In November 2021, I wrote an article titled “The Top 7 Ways to say “Thank you” to City Plan Reviewers for Approving Your Plans for Permitting” to recognize the good work that jurisdiction Plan Reviewers, Plan Analysts, Code Enforcement Officers, Fire Marshalls, etc. do across the North America to make sure that buildings (commercial, residential, industrial) and infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc.) are built safe. You can find the article here and it is truly worth reading. So,…