March 7th, 2023

Construction meeting for project working

Some Contractors dread pulling permits in the City of Houston, others have no idea where to start and then a few hope for the best going head in first. What I know for sure is that permits are like the keys to the city. Without them, projects and plans would remain stagnant, stuck behind closed doors. Obtaining a permit is like gaining the trust of the community, showing that your intentions are good and your plans are sound. It’s a symbol of responsibility and…


March 3rd, 2023

Before Submitting to Houston

Ready to turn your construction dreams into a reality in Houston? Don’t hit that submit button just yet! Before you embark on the permitting journey, take a moment to consider these three insider tips for a smoother and more successful outcome. These insider secrets have been tried and tested by top contractors and will set you up for success every time. So, don’t skip this step; let’s dive in and ensure that your project is fully prepared for the permitting…


March 1st, 2023

Predevelopment Meeting in Houston

Predevelopment meetings are an integral part of the pre-construction phase of any building project. These meetings bring together a diverse group of individuals, including architects, engineers, contractors, city officials, and other stakeholders, all with a common goal of ensuring a successful outcome for the project. Before the hustle and bustle of construction begin, predevelopment meetings provide an opportunity for all parties involved to come together, share…


February 23rd, 2023

Sugar Land Downtown

Are you a contractor planning to work in Sugar Land, Texas, along the Gulf Coast? Sugar Land is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States with hundreds of millions of dollars of construction going on. It’s critical to have the right contact information at your fingertips plus stay ahead of the competition and ensure you have all the key contacts for permits, utilities, and emergency services to ensure a smooth and successful project. Get- set, ready to take your business to the…


February 21st, 2023

Port Arthur Texas

We enjoy pulling permits in Port Arthur. Port Arthur boasts of a rich history and a thriving community. This vibrant city is a hub for contractors and home to a diverse range of projects. From major infrastructure upgrades to small-scale renovations, there’s never a shortage of work in Port Arthur. But as with any city, navigating the local regulations, permit requirements, and key contacts can be a challenge. To help contractors make the most of their time in Port Arthur, we’ve compiled…