August 31st, 2022

Residential Construction

Hint: Building Permit Since 2020, the real estate market has been a roller coaster for homebuilders and homebuyers with the cost of materials shooting to all time highs and home prices increasing from 20% to 40% depending on the area of the country. And now even more changes are on the horizon. One thing for sure is that when a homebuyer invests their hard-earned savings and place their dream in the hands of a General Contractor that homebuilder has a fiduciary job to deliver their…


August 26th, 2022

Construction Job Site Safety

It still happens where building permits are missed and when this happens the ultimate construction safety sin has occurred. Some Contractors forget. Others skirt around jurisdiction requirements. Some Contractors do right thing and believe they pulled the correct permits and are surprised to learn otherwise when City Inspectors show up on the job site and point out missing permit. Building permits are required for most construction projects to make sure structures and infrastructure…


August 23rd, 2022

City Road Construction Site

It is always a great feeling to sign a new contract. Be it for a commercial or public project, the sound of hearing the words, “you have been awarded xyz job” is sweet music. This was apparent when picking up a package at the Post Office, a Contractor saw the PermitUsNow wrapped fleet truck and came over to ask the following question. Contractor: “Do you pull permits for city road projects?” PermitUsNow: Yes, we do. How can I help you? Contractor: “We are doing some…


July 16th, 2022

SubContractors’ USA Top 25 Subcontractors Awards Luncheon

I know what you are thinking, “what does attending the SubContractors’ USA Top 25 Subcontractors Awards Luncheon on June 22, 2022 in Houston, Texas have to do with building permitting?” Aside from the fact that there was a super networking environment, tasty food and a great jazz musician adding to the ambience, there were anchor institutions like Dallas Independent School District (DISD Bond Program) in the mix to learn about upcoming design and construction projects. And aside…


June 28th, 2022

EV Charging Stations

With gas prices soaring and a push for green initiatives Will EV vehicles take over anytime soon creating a demand for more charging stations? There are roughly 1.2 million EV vehicles in the U.S. and companies like GM and Tesla are cranking out thousands of more vehicles with the hopes that drivers will come onboard. While some drivers are squeezed by high prices due inflation and other contributing factors. Others are wanting to help with lowering greenhouse gas emissions from gas…