June 17th, 2022

Gulf Coast Hurricane

Living along the Gulf Coast offers the best fishing, beautiful sites to visit and overall, a great quality of life. This lifestyle becomes threatened for many homeowners during the hurricane season; and this is especially the case for our neighbors living in the Bossier, Lake Charles, LA area over the last several years. From blown off rooftops to trees falling on houses to flood waters, thousands of property owners will see their lives and dreams be tossed into turmoil and revealing…


June 15th, 2022

Building Permitting Stuck

Let’s say that you have a big customer that you have been waiting to work with for a long time. You finally sold this customer and landed your first project. You meet with your customer to go over their plans, timeline, budget constraints, etc. and you see that all the documents appear to be acceptable to submit for permitting. You submit permit package to City Permitting and hope for speedy plan reviews and permit approval. Then your new customer calls you requesting an update on…


May 26th, 2022

Texas buildings

PermitUsNow team members find ways to pull permits faster to help homeowners and businesses in Texas and beyond. Processing permits that affect the masses From new ground up grocery stores to renovated airport concessions to big box stores to churches to refreshed pizza parlors, obtaining permits in a timely manner help meet the needs of hundreds of thousands to millions of people in cities across Texas and other parts of the US. Timely permits not only assist businesses in generating…


May 24th, 2022

Hurricane Harvey

I recently read in a local newspaper an article about a homeowner in Houston just receiving her reconstructed home after it was destroyed 5 years ago in August of 2017 from Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters. The homeowner was gleaming with joy with tears flowing down her face as she was handed her keys to her rebuilt house. I know what you are thinking. Why did it take so long for this homeowner’s house to be reconstructed? A myriad of reasons have been stated by local and State…


May 19th, 2022

Frustated Contractor

The only constant in this backlogged permitting environment are contractors are frustrated. The path to getting a building permit has become more challenging for Contractors at large municipal jurisdictions like the City of Dallas or City of Austin and in small jurisdictions where growth is bursting at the seams. 25, 26, or 28 days for first time reviews for just one department can blow a Contractor’s preconstruction schedule, especially if the Contractor failed to factor in the actual…